Black Belt – The stages of cycling


When I was young, I was somehow a Martial-Arts-Freak. Jackie Chan, Kung Fu, Karate and Judo were my thing. Luckily I swapped to Cycling.
The big difference between martial arts and Cycling is, that there is no graduation system. So I made one for me πŸ™‚

The yellow belt:
You bought a road bike and did your first ride, maybe 20 to 30Km.
The green belt:
You’re getting out on a regular basis for fitness. 3 Times a Week 30Km.
The red belt:
You did your first 100Km ride and got out alive.
The brown belt:
You commute to work, even when it’s 20km one way.
The black belt:
You’re on your bike 5 days a week, averaging a minimum of 200K an do extra weekend rides over 100K.
Now nutrition is playing a key role in your life.
The 2nd dan:
You did your first ultra (200K and more)
The 3rd dan:
You begin to collect mountain passes with more than 1000m vertical ascent.
The 4th dan:
You crossed the alps with your bike alone.
The 5th dan:
You did the super randonee series (200+300+400+600Km ride in one year) and an event like Paris-Brest-Paris.
The 6th to 10th dan:
Mastery of cycling. You collected every mountain, you race in the first ten of your age group, you can ride 1000Km in three days and you’re known for this one special skill (handling / timetrial / sprint / hill / endurance / hardness) where you’re almost unbeatable.

When I rank myself in this system, I’m atΒ  3rd-dan-cycling. But the super randonee is planned for 2017 πŸ˜‰

Which Belt do you ride?


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