5 Reasons to use a small backpack on the bike


It’s kind of funny, because this Deuter Speedlite 10l backpack, was the first I owned. But I had to go trough all the pain of testing the other options out.
When I started bikecommuting I rode with a 30l special-vented backpack. This was way to big and way to heavy, cause I took all this “just in case”-items with me. Then I moved on to a 27l Klickfix-backpack, which I attached to my seatpost. This setup got to much weight on the back of my bike, so it didn’t feel that sporty anymore. At last I tried this 10l backpack and now I love it. Here’s why:

1: It’s the lightest solution. 350g Backpack with no mounts on the bike.

2: It doesn’t affect the handling of my bike.

3: It’s so small, I really only take what
I need. There is no “what if” or “just in case” item. If something happens I have to be creative 🙂

4: It doesn’t destroy the look of my precious red steel bike.

5: No fear of a stolen bag, when I’m shopping for groceries or liquids while on a bikeride.

Which bag-option do you prefer?


5 responses to “5 Reasons to use a small backpack on the bike

  1. Great simple review! I use the Marmot Kompressor Plus 20 pack. I keep my U-lock, water, keys wallet, and my very light Chrome jacket and/or small hand towel. Does very well for very light (13oz) bag that goes on 3-4 hour bike rides at time.

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  2. I like backpacks too. I choose two bags, one for hot summers ebcause it has great air vents – Deuter RaceAir 2, this is a small bag, not sure how large guessing around 10l. But most of the year I use a Chrome Barrage, which is possibly the best commute bag ever, after testing many. Its robust, great pockets, totally waterproof and has expanding size for large or small days.

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