Bike commute and food


My commute is 25Km – one way. Which means, I burn 1.000 calories a day throug cycling alone. By now, I worked out a food strategie: A lot of snacks and a good portion of protein.

So this is, what I took today:
– a slice of pizza
– 2 apples
– a fruit bar
– cherry juice mixed with water and salt (this is for electrolytes)
– about 150g of Rigatoni quadro formaggi
– about 100g Cashew and Peanuts mixed in honey and salt
–  and an energy bar, since I go swimming before I ride home today

What do you eat on a commuting day?


7 responses to “Bike commute and food

  1. Very impressive commute. I walk 45 mins each way. I sit at a computer all day so those walks are needed, plus I hate waiting for a bus and then cramming in there. Walking is much more relaxing.

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  2. My ride is 20KM each way, I normally take an energy bar and a piece of fruit ie a banana or apple. Most of the other space in my pack is clothes and work gear. I normally purchase a sandwich at lunch or if I’m lucky a colleague will be going out in a car to a Mexican food place. Burrito! Ride On!

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      • Stefan. Really depends how you look at it. Fast on and off – No. But I leave attached to my bike and remove contents that are in an separate inner bag. Make sense? I really like this for commuting as in v hot days its nice not to have a back pack. Also nice not to have panniers.

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