A minimalist habit


Almost exactly two years ago, I quitted smoking. As you may not expect, but there was one good side about smoking. In Germany, you are forced to move your body outside the company to satisfy your addiction. Every hour or so, I stood up, walked a few minutes and puffed my cigarette.
But when I finally quitted, this little breaks also ended.
So after a few month of sitting and by now aching butt muscles, I decided to go for a walk in my lunch break. At first it felt, like I was stealing me away. But by now it became a habit of mine. Every day I take a stroll for about 20 minutes in a small forest near my company. It frees up my mind, I’m doing something for myself, it gets my blood flowing again, loosens my muscles and I have a moment of silence for myself.

It became a good thing, which I’m grateful for.

Do you have habits, which you are grateful for?


4 responses to “A minimalist habit

  1. I’ve just got a fenix 3.. i love the move bar which breaks my bad habit of getting engrossed in work and staying sat at my desk for hours at a time

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  2. I am trying to make it a habit to go out at lunchtime with a camera for a walk and possibly snap something I like; reading your post reminded me of that and I was about to get up and go but realised I had a meeting :9 oh well there is always tomorrow. Thanks for visiting my blog BTW

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