To drink or not to drink?

Right now I’m on a drinking weekend. Me and my friends are celebrating, that one of them will be married soon. I saved a lot of money for that, because we will play paintball, stay for a night in a hotel and we will be drinking a lot of alcohol.

And here comes in the question. I’m living a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition habits, I’m very active and I also look after my recovery. I want to improve on the bike, but everytime the question arises, if I should drink with my frieds, I’m feeling a little bit guilty.

Yeah, I want to party with my frieds and yeah I wanna get better in sports. So I made a kind of deal with myself. Every once in a while, it’s totally okay to drink. After all I’m not a pro cyclist and I only have one life. I wanna have this quality time with my friends. And yeah, it’s a little bit more alcohol now and then.

How do you handle this?


9 responses to “To drink or not to drink?

  1. I have cut out alcohol at home and feel the benefit as I feel less bloated and along with cutting out carbs have lost weight. However, going out with friends I will drink as its not that often. I can see an issue with enjoying a drink every now and then. Reward yourself after all the training.

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  2. As someone who gave up drinking almost 25 years ago, I say you are over-thinking this. Have fun with your friends. Get poo-faced. Make sure you have safe transportation to and from. Drink lots of water before you turn in and lots when you get up. Enjoy.

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  3. All things in moderation! If you’re eating healthy and looking after yourself the majority of the time then what’s the harm? Gotta treat yourself to a cold one from time to time 🙂

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  4. Before I gave up drinking in January, I used to only drink on weekend, and I would only have a beer or a glass of wine (or two). If it were me, I would ask myself if I am drinking because I’m concerned what my friends would think if I didn’t, or if I actually want to drink. In the end I quit because I realised it was the former.

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  5. Depends on what youre goals are really. The beauty of living a healthy lifestyle and exercising is you can afford to indulge every now and again. A lot of pro cyclists are no different in this regard, often having a good ‘blow out’ when the racing season ends (I’m looking at you Geraint Thomas).

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  6. I don’t drink as much or as often as I used to but this is all age related (alcohol, especially beer, messes up my GI.) Before a race or long-distance tour, I don’t drink but afterward, I’ll celebrate with teammates and friends.

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