The Minimal Cost of Cycling

What would I buy with my actual knowledge, if I’m just entering the sport?
We all know, that cycling can be a very good tool to burn down a bank account. There’s always luring a better bike, a lighter wheelset, a faster tire or a better looking kit. Not to mention, that you first have to work out what works for you. Personally I went through six saddles until I found one which doesn’t hurt my body. So what would I buy if I’m starting today?

The bike:

I would buy my “Wilier Strada” again. It’s steel and therefore very durable. It has a sporty geometrie and is therefore fast to ride. And it comes with good, but cheap components. Luckily it’s also equipped with a suitable saddle, so therefore no extra costs.

Total price: 650€

The tools:

To cycle cost effective, you have to do most of the mechanical work by yourself. But since I only have to work on one bike, the tools doesn’t have to be expensive, so I’ll take cheap ones.

  • a track pump 20€
  • my essentials 45€
  • a toolbox with chainwhip, casette remover, pedalspanner – out there for 50€
  • chain oil – big tube 8€

Total price: 123€

The cycling kit:

Personally I like “wiggle” as a shop and most of my gear is from their inhouse brand “dhb”. It’s cheap, durable, has a decent clear look with almost no graphics and has nice details. Now that I’m a minimalist, I would only buy one garment which you can layer.

  • short base layer 12€
  • short jersey – got mine for 18€
  • Tri-shorts, since they are drying fast 30€
  • Windjacket 35€
  • full finger gloves 28€
  • Helmet – got mine for 30€
  • Shoes – have the giro rumble which I got for 60€
  • Socks 6€
  • long tights – 20€
  • glasses with clear and dark lenses 28€

Total price: 267€

And the extras:

Well that’s not all. I would also need:

  • spd pedals 28€
  • cleats 8€
  • good lights 60€
  • my garmin edge 520 for proper training and navigation – 300€ for the set
  • 2 Camelbak isolated bidons – 30€
  • 2 bottle cages – 10€
  • a hefty folding lock – 70€
  • a very light lock – 15€
  • and my commuter backpack – 45€

Total price: 566€

This summs up to a total amount of 1.606€.

That’s the price for my minimalistic road cycling kit, which I could use for commuting, adventures and recreational cycling. Of course I spent a lot more money on the way. But I like the thought of this “ideal” setup, where I know what’s the minimal amount to spend.

Do you know, how much your equipment costs?


8 responses to “The Minimal Cost of Cycling

  1. Chuckle… I have have $5,000 into my bike (one of three, the other two weren’t so hefty on the price tag, though my mountain bike cost more than your Willier). My shoes and pedals were about $400. I have five kits ranging from $130-165 each. All of my winter gear, a great winter jacket, couple of helmets ($110 and $165)… I went cheap too, and that was great till I got into the high mileage. The expensive stuff is worth it, but money was never too difficult as far as that went. All told though, considering all of my stuff, my wife’s stuff and the kids’, I’ve got $25,000 and counting into bikes and equipment. Ouch.

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  2. My bikes are free. Why? Over the years I have done enough bicycle commuting to pay for all of my stuff from fuel savings alone never mind being able to keeping a car longer due to reduced wear on it. Ok, not really free then, but paid for out of a different budget line – it is nice when your hobby can be funded by money allotted to basic transport. My beat up commuter bike has funded many a toy bike for me.

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