Cycling vs. Running

I didn’t believe it, but cycling and runnig are really two different sports. Despite they are both endurance sports, they use different muscle groups.
Last year I decided, to run a marathon and thought: “How hard could that be? I ride 200K in under 7 hours.”

So I planned a marathon for June this year. I started trainiag for it in March and guess what: I made fast progress till a certain point. This was the 30Km-Marker. Runs that where longer than this hurted my body, joints and muscles. I thought, that I will adapt in this short time, but it didn’t really happen.

After every long run, I needed almost four days of recovery and even didn’t got this supercompensational effect. I wasn’t getting better. Nonetheless i ran this marathon and I also ran in my target time of under four hours. Pain, mental freakout and body destroying pure.
So what’s the difference for me?


  • running takes longer to adapt to. You shouldn’t run a marathon after three month of training, but you could ride a gran fondo.
  • running uses more calories. Most of the time a good thing unless you are already under 10% bodyfat.
  • I can’t run efficient to and from work. The distance (50Km a day) is simply too long.
  • since there’s a lot of impact force, you have a higher risk of injury


  • it’s a lot cheaper than cycling
  • You can do it everywhere
  • You won’t get Osteopenie (there’s an 80% chance for dedicated cyclists, to get this disease)

My conclusion therefore: Running is a very useful sport as crosstraining. But not in the same amount as cycling for me.
Do you run?

7 responses to “Cycling vs. Running

  1. I don’t run if I can help it, not for any extends period of time. My knees don’t like it at all for anything over 5km.

    That said I was maybe 20-30 kilos heavier last time I ran any kind of distance. Maybe I should try again. Then I’m two thirds of a way to doing a triathlon…. Would just need to nail the swimming

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  2. I’ve only been active for the last four months. I started with ‘running’ and had to deal with issues like shin splints and plantar fasciitis. So I started cycling for just over a week ago to give my feet a break. I like cycling and don’t know if I’m going to cycle as my primary activity to get healthy and lose weight.

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  3. I’ve biked, swam, and ran. I have to say, for me, running is the easiest, least expensive, and the most beneficial. I had to quit running once when I developed shin splits. Biking just didn’t cut it. So I took several years off and now I’m back running and doing proper stretches to prevent them from reoccurring. By the way, you don’t have to run marathons. 😉

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  4. I used to run, about 30 years ago and have been cycling much better for the last 3, so went for a run with my youngest son. the fitness was there but it only took 5Km for a calf injury to turn up . I do enjoy running but it is going to be along road back.

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