Who do you want to be?

Today’s my birthday (30) and my first thought for an article, was a breakdown of my life. Who am I? Where have I been? What did I learn along the way? Much like a cv.

But – to be honest – when I meet new people, I don’t care about their past. It’s simply not interessting that you played in a rockband when this time is over now. Or that you were good in sports back in your childhood days when the reality now is, that you are a smoker, drinker and fool away your spare time in front of the tv.

What really matters for me, is who I am now. Many people are asking themselves this question and often times they go out on a big journey to “find” themselves. In reality what it really takes, is a decision. A decision for who you want to be.

So I decided to be a husband, cyclist, minimalist. In that order. The ganxtagirl in the pic is my wife Julia. Love you ;-*

This things didn’t jus came to me. I decided, to marry my girl. I decided to buy a road bike. And I decided to declutter my life for more freedom.

What do you think? Is life a question or a decision?


16 responses to “Who do you want to be?

  1. Definitely a decision, I have recently decided to get married, start running to train for a 1/2 marathon and have just had my first child. All 3 have took me away from the booze and tv and gave my life a purpose

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  2. Life, and what you do with it, can be a decision, but you can also choose.

    Another blogger said: ‘Choice could mean you can’t think of a reason for what you have done or said’. That made a lot of sense to me. Choice is an emotional response.

    A decision, to me, is a conscious, precise thought, put into action. “I chose to buy the Jaguar because I didn’t like the color of the Porsche.” or “I decided to buy the Jag because it is the best damned vehicle, ever.”

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  3. I love this approach to life! You’re right. It is a decision and no need to stress about the past. Waste of time. And birthdays are a good time to regroup and reevaluate. Your priorities are excellent.

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  4. Happy Birthday! Very cool outlook on things. It’s all about the Now. Seems to be that you decluttered your life and now it’s decluttered who you are…and vice versa. Everythings cyclical..ha!

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  5. It’s neither, both are points in time linked by a line that describes your life. It’s a series of questions, answers, decisions and reactions all of which guide your being through life.


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  6. Excellent philosophy Sir, good questions. Your article made me do some thinking instead of just blindly skimming through it. I think my honest answer to your question is; both. Your question, to make one think, then the concept of figuring out what your own personal answer is, the answer that only you the individual can answer. Great post Sir!

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