3 ideas from minimalism that improve my life

1. Desire:

Minimalism is all about simlifying and decluttering my life. The simple fact of owning less, means less things to maintain or to choose from, like my outfit in the morning. And over time, I learned to carefully choose what things I buy. At least I don’t want that things clutter up my life again. So I lost the desire for simply buying things. I don’t have to check prices on different websites anymore or choose between two cameras with different specifications, because I don’t want it anyways. So it saves time too.

2. Money:

That’s the effect of Idea number 1. If I desire less, I buy less things and therefore have more money. So I will become debt free earlier or I can travel more.

3. Room:

If I have less stuff, I have more room. Simple but effective. I’m living in a small 2½ bedroom appartement. One Room is almost empty at the moment. But best thing for me is, that I have a storage room in the cellar, where I can put up my bike and do indoor cycling. It’s a tiny room of about 2m², but it’s that empty, that a full bike fits in there comfortably.
What are you’re favourite ideas from minimalism?


13 responses to “3 ideas from minimalism that improve my life

  1. For me its the 80 20 rule popular in business. I wear 20% of my things 80% of the time.. I’m now working on getting rid of the 80%.. thats an ongoi g job as more stuff falls from favour I’m new to it though so I’m only really starting to develop the mindset

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  2. Great minimalist list! I think your #1 is so key. If you desire less in the way of obtaining things then you have more time to enjoy experiences…experiences like spending better quality time with family and friends.

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  3. My ideas for minimalism? I have a wife and two daughters… My idea for minimalism is to buy more space! A four bedroom house with a big garage works. One room for each kids, one room for my wife and I and one room for the bicycles (we have six in the bike room)…

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  4. Nice list! I think one of my favorite aspects is how the mindset spreads to different areas of my life, like how it leads me to analyze how I use my time at work or how distracted I let myself get with social media. It has me rethinking so many aspects of my life!

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