Why Cycling is like a video game

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Yesterday “Pokemon Go” was released in Germany. Seems like everybody is jumping on to that hype with phrases like: “Finally I have a reason to go outside and enjoy nature.”

For me it’s more like: “Oh, look … more Smombies on the road.” (Smombie = Smartphone + Zombie) But honestly I’m happy, that this happens. Two “unsporty” friends of mine spending now more time in fresh air, leveling their pokemons and pushing their stats. (statistical values)

For me, I do that stat pushing thing with cycling. Almost like in a video game except, that this is real life.

So here are the values I created:

Strength = FTP (currently round about 240W)

Stamina = Resting heart rate (42 bpm)

Aerodynamics = Speed on flat roads for 10 minutes by almost no wind resistance (42 km/h)

Power to weight ratio = bodyweight (72 kg)

Money for cycling = bank account (140€ @ the moment 😉 Yeah, we all know: cycling is expensive.)

But there are also daily quests in cycling like:

– commutig

– bike service

– stretching

– proper nutriton

And then I have my “dungeons” like:

– races

– brevets

– personal bests

– and other cycling milestones
What are your stats?


11 responses to “Why Cycling is like a video game

  1. This is awesome! Being athletic, and leading an athletic lifestyle does mean a focus on other things when you aren’t actively engaged ( like cycling) I’d have to say along side “stretching” is strength training for me a couple times a week. Do did a good job covering the “stats” 🙂 and yes, I’m finding cycling way more pricey than running. I’m currently doing it on a thrifty girl budget haha

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  2. Apart from Power to Weight Ratio = Bodyweight (increasing daily) all my other stats are crashing because of:
    Days Injured = Not Ridden Bike (102 days)

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  3. My main cycling game is to score points for passing people on the way to work: +1 for each person I pass and -1 for each person who passes me. It’s only a short commute (3.5k), so my best score so far is 7 🙂

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