The extra to Cycling

As a minimalist I make decisons for my life. It’s either all or nothing for me. So I decided to be a cyclist and imagined, that I only have to ride my bike to get better. Put my efforts in, get aerodynamic, work on technique and have fun.
But: that’s not the case. Because I want to ride on a high level, I have to train so hard sometimes, that my body breaks down. That was the case last week when I thought I’m in overtraining. Turns out, that it is the famous Illotial Band Syndrome. I think, my tendons just don’t bear the amount of growth in my muscles. Therefore the band is under constant pressure, which causes this slight pain on the side of my knee.
So here’s the deal for me. Cycling is not only cycling. It’s cycling + foam rolling + stretching. 

I have too loosen my muscles so that they don’t get too tight. And voila: no pain 🙂
What’s your extra to cycling?

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