Maybe the smartest Bike tool

As a cyclist, I’m always searching for improvement. May it be riding technique, power, nutrition or bike tools. I used to carry a 250gramm Multitool with me. A one thing do it all machine. Now, after four years, I realized, that I was only using a few tools on it and that the rest was just dead weight.

I searched every now and then, till I came across this solution. The MT Zoom Multitool. 

It’s a neat little tool which has almost everything a roadbiker needs:

– a chain breaker

– spoke keys

– 4,5,6 mm Allen keys

– a screw driver

– and an 8,9,10 mm open wrench

At 86gramms it’s so light, that I don’t even notice it in my jersey pocket. It’s thin and packs beautiful on top of a spare tube with my minipump aside. It’s the perfect solution to go saddlebag free but mechanical secure. The tools are durable and I can attack almost every screw on my bike. The only thing I can’t do with this tool is, I can’t adjust the spring on my pedals. This would need a 3mm Allen key, which isn’t included in this toolset. Handling is also nice, after I found out, that I can use the Allen keys as a lever – picture on the right top.

But for the fact, that I don’t have to use a  saddlebag anymore, I love it 🙂

Plus: It costs less than 20€ 😉
Which tool is your favourite?

7 responses to “Maybe the smartest Bike tool

  1. Sweet! I have a huge saddle bag on the bars that I need to downsize (I can’t stand having bulky things in my pockets). I find I only use two Allen wrenches in the set I have, one for the seat and post and another for my shoes.

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  2. Nice looking bit of kit. I’m guilty of only carrying a tube, pump,lever and 5mm Allen key in a saddlebag. Maybe I just like living dangerously! I’d love to lose the saddlebag and just carry it all in a jersey pocket, but then there’d not be enough space for food.

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