Get creative with minimalism

It was a hard week for me. I tried to cycle again, but my tendonitis didn’t allow it. I also tried to run a few Kilometers, but this also didnt’t work. Additionally to my run try, my Garmin HRM-belt broke. Second bad thing of the week, since my swimming goggles broke a few days earlier.

My life just f***s me at the moment.

But whenever bad things happen, I try to see the good sides on it. Yeah, I truly believe that every situation has a good and a bad side. So too for my horrible week.

Because since I’m on a minimalist monthly budget, I couldn’t afford to buy new goggles or a new HRM-Belt. So I had to be creative and try things, that I never tried before. So I glued my goggles and they are working again. Four Euro glue versus 35€ new goggles 😉

A few generations ago this was the normal way. My parents repaired trousers, electronic stuff and household gadgets. But today that’s usually not the way. It’s more like: Trash your item and get a new one.

So minimalism forces me to more creativity.  😉

What’s your opinion? Are there items you wouldn’t repair and always get a new one?

4 responses to “Get creative with minimalism

  1. My mother was just freaking out today that she couldn’t find an umbrella repair-man in the small beachtown she is living. She repairs anything and everything, and when she can’t,going to small repairshops are her favorite pastime activity.

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