The mental cycling trick

A year ago I discovered, that the mental aspect is playing a big role on a road bike. I was riding in a local group ride. It was the first time for me in this group and I only joined, because I heared, that they were the fastest boys round here. And indeed, they are. We startet a 100K-ride at 40 Kilometers per hour. That was managable until the hilly section of the ride came up. And voila, I got dropped at every climb. Althoug I was technically fitter than most of this guys, I got a little bit scared by the initial speed. I always thought: “I have to keep up on that climb” and put way to much power in the first sections going into the red and voila: dropped.
A few month later I read the magical mental formula in a book:

They have to beat me!”

Every time now, when I’m riding a race or a fast group ride, I think that they have to beat me. It makes me mentally strong and it transfers to my body. Since then, every now and then I hear my companions say: “He’s an absolute machine.”

Do you have mental trick?

4 responses to “The mental cycling trick

  1. On the only (so far) 100 km sportives I have ever done, one of my co-riders kept saying to me ‘mind of matter’. It didn’t really work then, but I’ve used it to good advantage since….

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  2. Hi Stefan, thanks for the like earlier ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I’m late commenting on this post, but I have found that for me, with running anyway, my trick is that when I feel like my mind is telling me that I can’t continue, or that I’m not going fast enough for my liking, or that I should pass so-and-so, I say to myself that my mind is just playing tricks on me. If I want to beat a previous time, and I know that I’ve prepared myself enough to do it, but I start to get a mental block, I just say No! This is just a game that my mind is playing! It’s a trick! I can do this!

    More often than not, I end up running faster than before. Then I say to that strange negative part of my brain- See? You were wrong and I was right! I could do it, and I did! ๐Ÿ™‚ Whenever it repeats itself in my mind, the self-doubt, etc., I just say to myself, Oh, there goes that trickster again. It’s all a mind-game. (For the most part, it is- but then again, I listen to my body if I begin to feel pain or fatigue, and then I slow down or stop :P)

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