My meal prep hack

When I started my 50Km a day bikecommute-life, it had two reasons. I wanted to get fit and I wanted to loose a few Kilograms of weight again. So for my first day commuting I didn’t take very much food with me. I think it was only a sandwich and a salad. I thought: “Hey … I’m just loosing weight faster, if I eat less.”

But we all know, this isn’t how it works. By the time riding home, I was starving and did more crawling home than a confident bike ride. That was no fun and after I got home, I looted everything out of the fridge, that was instantly eatable.

Since then I use a meal prepping strategie with little plastic bags. I know, that’s not very ecological, but I wouldn’t to it with heavier reusable plastic boxes. And here comes why:

I press all my meals really flat and get them in the freezer. This has three major advantages:

  1. Β It doesn’t need much room in the freezer or my backpack
  2. Frozen food will not leak
  3. And it unfreezes faster when it has to

What is your meal prepping hack?


7 responses to “My meal prep hack

  1. Top marks! πŸ™‚ When I was doing the 50km/day commute I’d take all of my clothes and as much food as I could in on a Monday using a backpack, then bring the clothes home again on Friday. That way I could go without the backpack for Tue, Wed and Thur rides. Any other food I carried in a large Ortlieb saddlebag (not very cool looking, but very handy).

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  2. Nice prep. I’ve been mainly prepping veg lately. A little liquid amino’s thrown on top and it’s delicious. I bought a 6 pack bag as well recently which is great for bringing in food and keeping it chilled.

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