2 reasons to degrade an A-Race

I was back on the bike yesterday and tested out, if my hamstring tendon would go through this Sprint-Triathlon on Sunday. In January I planned this as an A-Race – which means full gas.

I’ve ridden 20K and constantly fiddled in my mind if there’s still a pain or not. After 15 Minutes I somehow felt a “phantom-pain”. I was concentrating so much on this tendon, that I felt something, that wasn’t actually there. Five minutes later I got aware of that and  thought: “Common, be realistic. Ride this 20K and when you feel a pain afterwards you cancel your race.”

So did I. And an hour after the ride, there was objectively no pain. So I decided to do the race on Sunday. With one little change. I degrade it to a C-Race and use it, to get back into training.

It’s a hard decision for me, to degrade a race. But I have this long-term-training plan, which dictates the decision here.

The second reason is for a memorable moment. My little brother – normally playing soccer – agreed to do this race with me. He’s a strong runner but can’t swim freestyle and first sat on a road bike a month ago. So maybe he will catch me on the run and we can cross the finish line together which would make a lovely memory.

What are your reasons to degrade a race?



7 responses to “2 reasons to degrade an A-Race

  1. Dunno…I’m bad about not sticking to then plan when I try to downgrade a race. I can go easy in training for that purpose, but when I race, I always end up going all in. Of course, my all out is some folks’ C Race effort 😐
    Then again, sometimes I do “race” just to pace my kids. The most recent one to wit was the Memorial Day Run to Remember…after my 5k, I jogged the one mile fun run with my son and daughter.

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  2. Same with running. Sometimes you are overwhelmed with muscular Schwachheit the day of a race and you have to slow your pace. Thanks for the like on my site.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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  3. I’ve had to degrade a lot of races this year, for good reason – I’m 7.5 months pregnant now 🙂 I’m still taking part in selected events, but am not allowed to push hard. I’ve only completed one triathlon this season, but I was offered a place in London Triathlon this weekend and was very tempted. In the end, I had to request a relay place as the bike route is quite technical and because there’s such a combination of novices and fast athletes I’ve seen a lot of crashes there. My husband is doing the swim, my friend who cycled across the Japanese Alps with us is doing the bike leg and I’m doing the 10k run (which will be more of a jog!)

    I had originally entered the Long Course Weekend as an A race. It is an ironman over 3 days in July, but I not only changed my expectations, but also had to change my distances. I swam 1.9k, cycled 45 very hilly miles and then ran 10k. My other A race this year was going to be Ironman Weymouth 70.3 in September, but I’ve had to withdraw completely from that one!

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