Minimalism and the pink swim cap

Thanks to Anna for this pic


I raced a Sprint-Triathlon today with my brother and a friend of him.

And really the funniest but also – as a minimalist – most annoying part of it, was the pink swim cap.

When you enter a race, you get a lot of stuff for “free”. I paid a 35€ entry fee and thought: “I get there, I swim, I ride, I run, I shower and then I go home. I pay someone 35€ to organize a transition point and to get me food and drinks on the track. Plus I don’t have any logistical work there.” Looks like a reasonable price for me.

Then – today at 07.30 in the morning – I got a little bag from the race organizers with “items”. I opened it.


  • a rubber bracelet
  • electrolyte tablets
  • a magazine
  • commercial papers
  • a race booklet
  • two race numbers
  • a sports shirt almost entirely out of commercial prints
  • the timing chip
  • the pink swim cap (Really beloved organizers? A pink swim cap?)
  • and of course the bag itself

Eight out of this ten items were bullshit for me. I only wanted a race number and a timing chip. Because: When I enter a race, I already have all the other stuff!

But, I know, everyone loves to get things for “free”. So I’m not complaining here. It’s just: When you summ this 80% garbage up to 1200 athletes on that day, there’s a whole lot of money, time and room wasted.

What would you have kept?


13 responses to “Minimalism and the pink swim cap

  1. I sympathize with you. There have been some people races i have done which cost 80 euro and really they should have been 15 euro with all the sponsors they had. I think these things are money making schemes for promoters, just happens that some promoters take it too far

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  2. I think this is the issue with big events like this. They cater for everyone on the assumption that it could either be their first event or they wont have what they are ‘offering.’

    I totally agree with you and cannot see why when you request entry you get the option for a basic bag or the all in with everything. It does seem to be such a waste for people like you who have most of it.

    On the plus side – you got a pink cap 😉

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