What’s the deal with this “Pain-Cave” thing?


A β€œPain-Cave” is a place where the cyclist can silently scream and suffer for hours. It’s the pre-hell.

2012 – a year after I got into endurance sports – I moved to Munich. I got a new job and my life, as I knew it, was over. New routines, challenges, no money and less time. In fact no time for cycling at all. I left in the morning when it was dark outside and I got home when it was already dark. This circumstances led to the ultimate: I started smoking again.

Half a year went by and I gained a few pounds plus I got lazy and crazy. I tried running, this 7-Minute workout thing and swimming. Nothing worked out for me. I wasn’t able to run every day, 7 Minutes were way to less, and swimming was too time consuming. Then I bought a cycling trainer and set the bike up in my cellar compartement. It saved my ass and here’s why:

  • the time of the day didn’t matter anymore.
  • since the bike was in the cellar no one of my neighbours could complain about noise
  • I was able to ride every day
  • even 22.00 at night
  • weather was no excuse
  • when I rode one hour, it took me one hour and five minutes with all organisation

I got fit again and half a year later, I began bike commuting. All thanks to this 250€ invest.

Today my pain-cave switched into a “heal-cave”. Everytime when I’m injured, I set up my bike in the cellar and slowly progress back to my form before injury. That’s the wonderful side on cycling. Even when injured, I can pedal so slow, that it actually speeds up recovery.

Oh, and the minimal side on this: I only can set up my bike in the cellar, bacause there’s not that much stuff in it πŸ˜‰

I love the concept of a pain-cave. πŸ™‚

What’s in your pain-cave?


17 responses to “What’s the deal with this “Pain-Cave” thing?

  1. Never heard of this before but I like the sound of it because I’ve been putting off getting back on my bike for ages and this cuts out all the usual excuses.

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  2. I have a pain cave – I think that most people would use the room as an office as it’s on the main floor of my house, next to the lounge and the kitchen. It’s big enough to fit two bikes side by side and there’s a set of shelves at the end that are the perfect height to put a laptop on. There’s also room for a large fan. It’s where I’ve put all my race numbers, medals and trophies. As you said, it’s great for cycling when it’s not possibel to go outside. It also means that I can train hard with my husband, even though we are completely different abilities. The current advantage for me is that I can keep cycling whilst pregnant without worrying about having an accident πŸ™‚

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  3. We have half a basement and with the exception of a space for the laundry, we use the remaining space as a *gym*. Our bikes are on trainers for when we ride indoors during the week and during the winter, plus we have a treadmill for when the sidewalks are too treacherous for running.
    We have a television mounted in the basement for “entertainment”. Netflix is my best friend.

    We use an online training tool called TrainerRoad which provides us with a variety of workouts in both length and intensity … so we’ve had to add a stack of plastic crates to the right of the front wheel to hold our laptops with our workout.

    If you’re interested, this is what it looks like … https://mylifelivedfull.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/zen-and-the-art-of-home-improvement-part-2/

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  4. Awesome! When I’m recuperating from an injury I walk slower and go as far as I can in an hour. I gradually speed up until …bam! Back to normal.

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