3 lessons I learned by trying other endurance sports

Almost two months ago, my tendonitis occured and got me out of cycling. But since endurance sport is a big factor for my mental wellbeing, I had to try other sports, that weren’t so focused on the legs. So I swam a lot, did a little bit of strength training and even kayaked. So this past months weren’t wasted at all. I learned a lot and here are the three biggest headlines:

  1. It strengthens my decision for cycling. I’m honest, everytime I’m doing another sport I compare it with cycling. For instance kayaking: I can comfortably take food and drinks with me. And I can paddle the whole day on an easy level. Likewise a good point for cycling. But to kayak every day, the logistical effort is to high. So: cycling wins 😉
  2. I recognized how transferable fitness is. Since endurance sports is highly dependend on your cardiovascular system, it transfers very good to other sports. So you start on a very good level and can test out things, which otherwise weren’t possible.
  3. And you get that “hero” feeling again.  Since sports also depends on the bodys muscular system, doing another sport, can be very exhausting. After a full day kayaking I almost got totally fucked up.That night I slept 12 hours. But imediately after the action, when I still feel the burn in my muscles, I have this “hero”-feeling. A feeling, when I think, I achieved something incredible. Hard to get this feeling nowadays in cycling 😉

What did you learn in other sports?


5 responses to “3 lessons I learned by trying other endurance sports

  1. I enjoy tennis. I like to hear the smack of the ball hit that sweet spot on the racket. Due to some health issues I haven’t played in awhile. Working it tho.

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