5 rules for the pain-cave

Cycling in the pain-cave can be boring, hard and hurting. But it doesn’t have to. Here are my rules to make it easier.

  1. Don’t lie to yourself. If you get your stats on strava, don’t assume a kudo when you break the one hour speed record every time you ride on your trainer. This is just not cool!
  2. Stand up every five minutes – for 20 seconds at least. Loosens the body and prevents numbness in sensitive areas.
  3. Get in the rythm. Nice beats and it’s almost like meditating.
  4. Keep cool. Means: install a vent
  5. Wear a thin long sleeve. Prevents sweat running down my body and keeps cooler in combination with the vent.


What are your pain-cave-rules?


6 responses to “5 rules for the pain-cave

  1. Video is nice but music is an absolute. Music can keep you motivated, but a bad song can ruin the effort. As an indoor instructor, I’m also part DJ. The music I choose sets the mood for the profile. I’m partial to Angry White Boy music for timed intervals but when we climb, I play Big Budget Movie trailer music without lyrics and really long, dark-sounding music (Russian Circles, Methodic Doubt Music, etc.). Intense, hard driving sound.

    Also, a fan. Not blowing in my face but somewhere I can feel it. And a towel.

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