Injured and riding your bike?

It’s been almost two months now and there’s no solution in sight for my injured knee tendon. I finally got to the decision to see a doctor next week, cause it seems like my body needs professional help. I have to be honest to myself: It doesn’t look like I’m powering my bike trough the streets in the next months. But then again, I want┬áthat feeling of sitting on my bike and train something. So I worked out five things I can do, allthough I’m not allowed to put power trough my pedals.
1. Practise track standing

Let’s be honest: Every roadie dreams of that situation to trackstand on a red light for at least a minute. It makes one a better bike handler and it obviously looks cool.

2. Practise cornering technique

I thought of placing my two water bottles on a traffic free road and ride eights around them. Good cornering technique makes me faster and safer as a cyclist.

3. Practise wheeling

Yeah, I know. That’s not really a necessary skill. But then again it’s cool and what should I do else? ­čśë

4. Work on descending

I admit, this one is officially against #55 of the┬ávelominati┬árules. Because I have to be transported up the mountain and only would ride down. But then again if I wouldn’t ride, there wouldn’t be a rule to break.

5. Work on your position

We all know that position is a big part of cycling but no one has the time to fit it perfectly. Injury is the perfect situation to take this time and could even help.
How would you ride your bike powerless?


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