Cycling and running knee pain – problem solved

I still can’t believe how simple the solution is. It’s a stretch!

Two months ago I experienced a slight Β pain on the right side of my knee. Felt like an inflammation of a tendon. I thought: “Maaaaan … you have to work this out before it get’s worse.” So I wanted to narrow down the cause of this pain. I solely cycled on a few days and then solely ran for a few days.

No matter what, the pain got worse. I had to stop every feet based sport. The good news were then: the pain disappeared after a week. The bad news: it reappared immediately after every sports session.

Damn. This was a bigger problem. Time for some research. I opted for the IT-Band and the Popliteus Muscle, since they connect directly to the pain area. But foam-rolling them out, was neither a solution.

Last week then, I almost gave up and phoned a doctor for an appointment. Same evening that day, I found it. I looked at the right picture and thought: “That ITB is a little bit longer. Why not try the other end?”

Focus on the TFL – the Tensior Fascia Latae. Found that stretch on the left picture and voila: problem solved. Four days, three times a day for a minute and the pain is almost fully gone.

Seems like this one side got a little bit tight and shortened too much.

How do you deal with pain? Solving it yourself?


9 responses to “Cycling and running knee pain – problem solved

  1. I’ve also ridden through it, but after doing so for 3 years, I finally bit the bullet and went to a physio. Not just any physio – a pelvic specialist. I have learned so much in the short time I’ve been going, and while I won’t go into it here (TMI), I have finally found some relief.

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  2. I was whizzing my way home last week when a sports physic came alongside. We shared the same cycle track for about 15 miles, just before he turned west and I headed east he gave me a tip – “SPIN – up your cadence rate. Cycling for prolonged periods turning big cogs will do your knees in. Watch Chris Frome, he has an incredibly high cadence.” Then he suggested the first thing that should break on my new bike is the gear lever, keep the cadence rate the same no matter what. How could he have known that my knees are my main problem area when cycling? I’m making an effort to learn from a professional who didn’t even charge me a penny!

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