The Lone Wolf

We all know, that there are different types of cyclists. And that’s the beauty of the sport. Riding style is an individual thing and it takes time, to get to know, what type of rider you are.

Here are five types I met the last few years:

The Alpha:
A strong rider, always sitting at the front of a group. If you want something like master-yoda-wisdom, you have to ride in the wind with him.

The Showmaster:

He is riding at least a 3.000โ‚ฌ bike with – at least – 80mm deep rims. A bike, obviously looking for a speed junkie. His belly tells another story. Mostly seen at the back of the pack.

The Overpacker:

He’s the gadget-master. Powermeter, newest Garmin, aero helmet, top tube bag with 6 gels for a 2 hour ride and at least a 3 liter saddlebag with rain jacket, overshoes, lights, arm- and kneewarmers. This guy gets dropped at the first hill but is a trusty service partner.
The lone wolf:

As the name suggests, mostly seen out alone on the road. Mostly riding a hand crafted, special tailored training program for him. Out there in the early mornings and late evenings. When you see this type of rider in a group, he’s also riding at the front, but can not hold a steady effort.

The Apprentice:

A rider, fairly new to the sport. His kit doesn’t match, his legs aren’t shaved, he struggles to hang on the wheels of the pack and he’s bonking every 40km. But he has spirit. He want’s it and he want’s it now.

If I had to classify myself, I would say, I’m a lone wolf. Every now and then, I try ย the group rides of the local clubs, but there’s always a little thing on that rides, that’s nagging me down. Especially when someone doesn’t take his turn. Riding alone, at you own pace, taking breaks when you want and fighting against the wind all by yourself has also spirit. ๐Ÿ™‚
Which type of rider are you?


13 responses to “The Lone Wolf

  1. Definitely lone wolf. Training for triathlon means I have to squeeze in riding when I can, rather than waiting for the next group ride.

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  2. I’m not in there. I’m trying to think of a name for me… Maybe beta. With the Alpha away I’ll begrudgingly take the job but I’m much happier just riding with the gang. I’m all about group unity and having a good time on the bike.

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  3. I’m a lone wolf who looks like a novice but that’s because I choose not to spend money on fancy cycling clothes because I cycle between my true passion of traveling. That said, I will buy a pair of knicks and maybe a long sleeved jersey this year

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