Are you a morning person?

As everyone else, I always hated to wake up and get to work. The thought of working hours for another person, just to see how much time is left on the day for myself, was terrible. It seemed, that I didn’t had a choice. You have to pay your bills, right?
Starting commuting by bike, was the best thing I could do here. For several reasons:

  •  I savede the fuel for the car (50km a day)
  • I didn’t waste time in the car anymore stuck in commuter-traffic (1,5 h a day)
  • and the first thing I did in the morning was for myself

I long didn’t realize, that this is the changing factor here, doing things for your own life first in the morning. I just enjoyed riding so much, that even if had to get to work earlier, I woke up an hour earlier. Last week then, my brother gave me a book to read – the Miracle Morning. Basically this book is about getting out extra early and start the day with things for yourself. The author writes that there are different things to practise: Visualization, silence, reading, writing, meditation, exercise, planning, and so on – on every one of those many things you have just a few minutes. But since I am a minimalist, I keep it simple. I now do get up an hour earlier – 05.30 in the morning – but I only do three things: Yoga, writing and cycling.

And it’s easy for me, since I am already used to start the day for myself ๐Ÿ˜‰
What’s your morning routine?


8 responses to “Are you a morning person?

  1. I’ve never thought about it like this before but looking back I quite often get up from 0400-0500 (normally it’s 0630) so that I can go for a run or a bike ride before the world wakes up and I always say its the best time. Maybe some of that feeling comes from doing it for me like the article suggests?

    Whatever the reason is for it feeling so good, I simply recommend every one gets out before dawn, even if it’s just once each season. The quiet, the solitude and the beauty of the world as it wakes up can be awesome.

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  2. That exactly was what I was thinking about yesterday. When I don’t have time to do things solely for myself for a while, I start feeling really uncomfortable. And I am no morning person, that’s for sure, but I know how this body works – lure it with some coffee and a great friend and voila, it feels better already. Now I try to meet up for coffee in the morning with friends, even if it’s just for an hour, or walk the dog a while longer and take my time. Feeling better already.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!~

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