My Base Training Hack

It’s the time of the year again, where races are over and I have to think of what I want to do next year. Do I want to be faster? Get further? Work on some weaknesses? Or should I ride just for the sake of fun and adventure?
I have to admit, racing doesn’t attract to me that much. If I’m not the best, it doesn’t matter. And I don’t mean the best in my agegroup or in a particular race. It mean’s better than Chris Froome, Contador or Sagan. And let’s face it: this won’t happen 😉 There will always be someone who is faster than me. 

For pure fun then? Well, therefort it’s sometimes hard to find motivation for training. I wouldn’t go out then at -5°C for a century only because I planned it.

So what’s the target for me? 

It’s endurance and it’s adventure. And I mean the good “sunny lake ride” and the bad “freezing my ass off in the rain” adventure.  

Therefore I’m a randonneur. And my target for next year will be to complete the brevet series. From March to June I will ride a 200Km, 300Km, 400Km and 600Km Brevet. And because the season is not over in June, I plan to ride across the Alps from Munich to Venice preferably in under 48 hours.

As a result from this decision my training targets are also clear: Build greater endurance and cruising speed.

And this is the trick, I use for my long winter endurance rides, since my first year in cycling: Don’t get out of the small front chain ring. 

This creates various positive effects for me:

  • I automatically work on a higher cadence
  • I work on a fluid pedal stroke
  • I’ll stay warm in cold temperatures
  • and I almost can’t get out of heart rate zone 1 and 2 (endurance)
  • plus the decision is made for me, if I’m powering or cruising down a hill. 

Speed doesn’t matter in this period, it’s all about the time on the bike. The more, the better. 

Do you have a trick to stay in your training zones?


8 responses to “My Base Training Hack

  1. I have no tricks when it comes to cycling but hope to learn some, even if I am knocking on a bit. Your blog isn’t letting me down, Stefan. I like that small front chain ring idea, many thanks.

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  2. I do the small chain ring idea for recovery rides, I have never thought of your approach on longer distances. I love the idea of your challenge, good luck on the distance.

    Me I tend to think on seasons. Autumn is the start of the Cyclocross season and that satisfies my need to race, who cares if it is for 35th position its racing. :-). that takes me into winter and I fit in Spin classes during the week as HIT sessions and when not racing a longer club ride.

    Spring is recovery and picking up some longer rides. Summer is a mix of distance and Time Trials, TT during the week, longer distance at weekend.

    I need to think more about training on reflection.

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  3. Riding to enjoy the scenery and getting a good physical workout to boot is almost enough for me. In the back of my mind is my plan to ride from Vancouver to Halifax next summer. (That’s across Canada but skipping Newfoundland – that would be an extra 500 km and a long ferry ride to get there.)

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