The 3 biggest difficultys to become a road biker

3 years ago:
“Man, you will never wear this lycra stuff. Everyone could see your balls!”


“It has to be so tight, that it almost hurts. Tight means free speed 😉 ”

2 years ago:

“But you will never shave your legs! Only girls shave legs … and you’re a man!”


“Damn I forgot one. At least I don’t look like a mountainbiker 😉 ”

1 year ago:

“Man that cyclingcaps look like douchebag-caps. I’ll never wear one!”

In fact yesterday:

*facepalm* “Well, that’s commitment. But now I’m without a doubt a roadie.”
What was you biggest difficulty?


23 responses to “The 3 biggest difficultys to become a road biker

  1. The Mrs not wanting to let me loose on busy roads. We’ve compromised with a cycle cross and she allowed me to ride a friend’s road bike recently so hope lives on.

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  2. Yea, probably the shorts. I wore mtb shorts for the first year. Didn’t mind the jerseys. But once I started bombing downhills, I didn’t want the flapping or loose fitting shorts, so I switched to the lycra style. But don’t consider myself a ‘roadie’ persay. Just a bike rider. I use spd mtn clips, not too concerned about bike weight, don’t have time or patience for the so-called “Rules” : – D

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  3. Bonking so hard on a training ride that you begin to eat snot, convincing yourself that it has meaningful calorie content.

    You’ve chosen snot because last week you bonked so hard that you ate grass and realised that it wasn’t very good for you.

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