The ultimate yoga routine for cyclists

CC by Jordan Roller

At the beginning of the year I had a simple stretch routine. Five stretches which I did after every ride. And I still do them, but: they’re not enough. 
My injury this summer showed me, that I am too tight around my hips. This leaded to pain in my knee and ultimately to two month off the bike. Only because I didn’t stretch the right parts of my body. 

But now, after five weeks of consistent 20 minutes Yoga every day, the pain is gone. Here’s the routine that helped me most: 

I know, that there will always be a little knicknack somewhere in my body. And I think, it’s better for me to prevent the aches instead of dealig with them. So I stick with daily yoga 😉

Do you have any tipps for a good yoga routine?


20 responses to “The ultimate yoga routine for cyclists

  1. Ooooow that video is way above my stretch level. Is there an earlier one in the series perhaps suggesting the different mats available?
    Nice piece though, Stefan and a reminder to me I do need to become more supple.

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  2. Oh wow, thanks Stefan. I’ve had a quick glance at this with the sound off and from the first two minutes this looks more to my liking. And not just the mat. I’ll try this after my ride tomorrow. 🙂

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