Cycling just makes sense

Everytime my wife is sleepy on the couch, I get to choose which movie we watch on Netflix. Either way she will fall asleep in a few minutes and I’ll watch alone. So most of the time I’m choosing a documentary. The last time I ended up, watching a documentary about the “Rebook Crossfit Games.”

This is an event, where the athlete doesn’t know in what he’s competing. It could be a one mile run, followed by 300 squads, followed by 200 pull ups and then again a one mile run. Or throwing sandbags over a wall. Or swim 500m, paddel 500 and then swim again. They’re competing a whole weekend.

“This doesn’t make any sense. Why should I paddel, when I can swim faster?  How could >sandbagthrowing< be helpful in my daily life? Or when the hell do I need to do 300 squads?”, I thought.

As you know, I’m always comparing with cycling. And as they showed the training life of the athletes, every time they rode their car to the gym I thought: “Well this should be your training time. Instead of sitting in the car blasting your money out of the exhaust pipe, you could be on your bike. Saving money, saving time, doing something for your environment.”

For me, cycling just makes sense. By commuting on my bike to work I save at least 20€ a week in gas and get 0.10 € per Kilometer from the tax office at the end of the year. I don’t have to pay for a gym and I’m always outdoors. Even visiting my family is training time for me. My parents for example live 60Km away from me. Perfect for a 120Km weekend long ride with a coffee break 🙂

So for me, cycling is the only sport, that makes further sense than only for health benefits. It is useful to my daily life.

Why does cycling make sense for you?


27 responses to “Cycling just makes sense

  1. When I cycle I see much more. The blurring effect of driving a car is replaced by enjoying the details of roadside fauna. Bonus this time of the year is finding wild grapes that make great juice.

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    • In Germany you get 0.3€ for every Kilometer you ride to work. Doesn’t matter if you use a car, bike, walk or get to work by bus. However it’s just one way, which means in reality it’s 0,15€/km. Here I substract the maintenance cost for my bike and voila, all in all I get 0,10€ for every Kilometer I ride my bike to work. 😉 Then, when I’m doing my taxes, I get the money back from the tax office. Last year I got 600€ alone from my cycling Kilometers to work.


  2. Thinking about commuting to work: I can’t drive, Buses are uncomfortable and don’t go door-to-door, and taxis are expensive. As Jasper says, you get to see more on a bike (especially on cycling holidays), it’s quiet, it’s satisfying to travel under my own steam (poseur-points :)). I’ve beaten taxis from place to place at rush hour. It’s just more satisfying overall.

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  3. I like the people cycling seems to attract. I recently went out on a friend’s bike, got a puncture and didn’t have a spare inner tube. The amount of cyclists who stopped and checked I was okay as I pushed the bike homeward. I always acknowledge other cyclists and the majority reciprocate. We’re generally a nice community. 🙂

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  4. Maybe it’s because cycling makes us appreciate our vulnerabilities and humanness. No room for arrogance only being nice, kind and open to a ‘tow’ up a hill. 😉

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      • Oh, I’d be commuting alright… that’s one thing I’m jealous of you city slickers for. My commute is 40 miles one way. I’d love to live 15-20 miles from my office. Sadly, the taxes are so damned high I’d hate paying them and the roads so busy, it would suck for cycling.

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  5. I’m a bit jealous of the 0.10 euros per kilometers that you get. Here (Canada) there’s no incentive, and cycling season is interrupted by snowstorm and freezing temperatures. Cycling makes sense for me though. It’s faster in my case than walking, metro, or the bus, and I also don’t have to pay for parking vs a car

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  6. Cycling also carries a lot of mental health benefits. It helped me stop smoking and improve my overall eating habits. Every time I go out and ride it gives me time to forget about all the bad parts of life. At an hour at a time it’s the cheapest therapy I’ve ever paid for 😊

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  7. From a purely fitness point of view cycling, to me, makes more sense than any other sport. It’s super accessible, almost everyone can ride a bike, and most of them have one gathering dust in there shed, garage or propped against the back garden fence. It’s super effective at burning fat and super low impact on the joints not to mention the fact it’s super addictive!

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