The new adventurers

CC by Vincent Burgeon

When I was 17, I read these books from Clive Cussler. You know, that ones were Dirk Pitt – a tough diver with every flying, helicopter, car and ship licence available – always saved the World from a supervillain. And since not all supervillains gathered in his hometown, he had to travel the world. In my mind, he was an adventurer. 
A decade later, my perspective almost totally chagend. Now I think cyclists are the new adventurers. Well, more of civilized adventurers, since we’re not traveling on bare nature. We travel on man made roads. But to be honest, this also feels like nature, since humans are also nature. 
So the picture changed, but the requirements are still the same:

  • you seek for interesting places
  • often talking to locals
  • breathing every landscape on your way
  • and climbing up the highest mountains to reach your destination

With cycling, you can start big travels. Maybe crossing the border to your next country, ride across a continent or even travel the whole world.

And then again you’re even a local adventurer. As a cyclist, you know every little shortcut street, the smallest villages and the biggest highlights around your hometown. And what I find is, that this knowledge sometimes really makes me feel at home. 

What was your greatest cycling adventure?


8 responses to “The new adventurers

  1. My greatest cycling adventure was a two week cycle-tour of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland with my father. I was only 12 when I cycled the most magical 300 kms of my life, and that trip will stay with me forever. I learned so much about myself and my father, and we met the most amazing people along the way. Such an amazing time for both of us.

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  2. My first and most memorable multi-day cycling tour was travelling from Lake Michigan in the US to Montreal, Canada – a trip of 1400 km. This gave me the taste to do more long trips. Companionship and an incredible close up of the details of the changing rural landscape, villages, towns and cities along the way. Priceless!

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  3. when I was younger the plan was to get a Porsche at 50. That changed as I approached my middle years to buying a Ducati in Italy and riding it back to the UK. I hit 50 and took up racing on bikes and managed to take part in the World Championships in Australia. But I do find myself wondering if I could cycle to Italy from the UK. Could be a great trip, just need time.

    Who needs motorised vehicles?

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