3 Basic Nutrition Rules to Lose Weight

1. Don’t drink sweetened fluid

Coke, Fanta, hot chocolate, sweetened tea or coffee, even milk in your coffee are calories that doesn’t help you that much. In most cases, people doesn’t even recognize, that there are calories in this drinks. But within a whole day, theese calories can add up to the equivalent of a full lunch. So just drink plain water or plain coffee. You soon will recognize, that they have also a natural taste.

Exception for this rule: when you’re working out for more than 90 minutes. When I’m on a long ride, I also drink spritz – half water, half juice.  

2. Snack fruits or nuts

Fruits are high in volume and low in calories. Their fruit-sugar doesn’t push your insulin level that fast, that you’r getting in the doom loop of craving for food. And because of the volume, you will be saturated a little bit faster. The same here with nuts. With their protein you stay saturated for longer.

The problem with Haribo and chocolate is, that there are mostly fast carbohydrates in them. Good for when you need energy fast – meaning when you bonk or hit the wall. But after this initial powerboost, there’s again nothing left in the tank. Think of it this way:

You have a little box for fast carbohydrates. And when this one is full, every othe carb gets into the trash and is therefore not helpful for you. 

3. Stop eating when you’re full

The same example here with the box for carbohydrates. If every protein-, carb-, micronutrients- and vitamin-box is full, anything else that you eat goes into your trash or storage – means belly fat 😉

So your body naturally tells you, what it needs.

What’s your basic nutrition rule to loose weight?


29 responses to “3 Basic Nutrition Rules to Lose Weight

  1. Drinking lots of water. In fact I just borrowed a book called “The Water Secret” from the library, after I finish I might share what it’s all about.

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  2. Overall I am a somewhat believer of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). I am not saying you can eat a pound of cake per day even if they do fit your daily calorie allowance, but I do not want to stress about the 10kcal or so of milk I add to my coffee. (no stress = consistency)

    I do agree on the sweetened drinks though. It is amazing how much sugar there is in juices and carbonated drinks.

    I also like the idea of snacking on nuts, but they are so calorically dense and give very little satiation, I try mostly to stay away from them. If portion control is not an issue for you, then they are very healthy.

    I just think you need to know yourself and set some rules and boundaries without making your life too miserable, and you will reach your goals.

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  3. rule one: losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% what you do, eating less is better than doing more
    Rule two: If your mouth hole is bigger that your a++ehole you are going to get fat don’t over eat.
    Rule three: There are no forbidden foods but there are excessive amounts – a little bit of what you fancy is always good

    I’ve broken all three at times and that’s why I’m heavier than I would like to be

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  4. Oh my goodness. I resonated with every single one of your tips! Drinking water has helped me not only get a slimmer body but helped me to clear my skin and raise my energy levels. Also, portion control is so so so important. Yes, quality matters but quantity does too as calories are calories. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! Xo, Stephanie

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  5. my golden rule for losing weight is burn more calories than you take in. It should also be noted that losing weight, being slim and fit are not the same things as being healthy which is infinitely more important.

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