How much sleep do I need?

Lately my colleagues occassionally drop this line: “You look bad. What happened?”
And they are right. When I look into the mirror, I have this black skin under my eyes. I’m constantly tired, my muscles doesn’t recover as fast as usually and I’m a little bit unconcentrated.

So I went trough my sleep data on Garmin Connect. I tracked this with my vivoactive watch, which also wakes me up. And guess what, since I started my miracle morning routine, waking up earlier and do stuff for myself, I constantly sleep less. Seven and a half hours on average. Well “logical” I hear you say since getting up earlier means usually less sleep. But I took that into account and also went to bed earlier. 

The bad news is, that I didn’t fall asleep earlier. And this didn’t change in the last 60 days. Maybe bacause I eat dinner that late or cycle in the evening. Nonetheless I have to adjust my miracle morning a little bit, extending my sleep again for half an hour. 

I thought, I would adapt to this sleeping pattern. But I guess, as an athlete you do not have the choice. Your body dictates the amount of sleep. And for me this means: 8 hours!

How much sleep do you need on average?


35 responses to “How much sleep do I need?

  1. I’m doing good in past year, as conscious of getting to bed earlier, but switching off screens an hour before and reading or meditating before sleep. I get 7.0-7.5hours during the week, in bed by 11pm usually up at 6am.

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  2. For me: 7 hours (11 pm to 6 am), plus a power nap at 1.30 pm of 17 minutes!
    Interesting: if I am tired and go to sleep earlier (e.g. 10.15 pm), I am often awake at midnight.
    Useful: my power nap completely rejuvenates me for the afternoon’s work.
    Question Do you power nap Stefan?

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  3. About 8.5 hours for me.

    I had trouble sleeping before, so I stopped going to bars (alcohol) and also I stopped eating a lot in evenings.

    Maybe you should move your miracle morning todos to the late afternoon 🙂

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  4. My two kids regularly wake me before 5am, but everyone I know is thoroughly bored of me repeating this and expecting something resembling sympathy. So i’ll lie and say that yes, actually, 6 hours sleep per night is more than enough thank you very much.

    (It isn’t)

    The one silver lining is that I’ll never know how fast I could have been during this phase of my life will a full eight hours of sleep each night.

    And so, my potential remains unknown, but fully intact 🙂

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  5. On average I get 8 hours of sleep. I have noticed though that even if my mind feels exhausted, my body might not. This leads to a restless sleep because my body cant relax. So I may be in bed for 8 hours, but I do not sleep the full time. This means I need to hit the gym more!

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  6. Before my injury 6 hours regularly. Been having a messed up sleep pattern since my head injury 2 years ago. My nights vary from 3 hours to 10 hours. (supplement those short nights with a nap.) However, I find when I can manage a good amount of physical activity without side effects it allows me to sleep much better.

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