Steel bikes: Wilier Strada

This is the bike I ride myself. I named her Emilia and chose her for her twitchy geometry. The top tube is as long as the seat tube, short chainstays, top tube is leveled and she has a nice bend in the fork. I ride size “M”, which means a 53cm top tube. 
The good sides:

The bike itself, comes with price worthy components. Sora shifting, 32 spoke wheels, Selle San Marco Saddle and Promax finishing kit. 

Sometimes I throw on Vittoria XN Pro 31mm Cross tyres and ride a bit gravel. The brakes will accomodate that 😉

The bad sides:

It has no extra drain hole in the bottom bracket. So sometimes the water is stuck in there. When I’m changing the groupset, I’ll get it in there. 


Weight: 10.8 kg

Frame and fork: CrMoly Steel

Shifting: Shimano Claris Compact 

Breaks: Tektro 

Price: round about 680€

Verdict: A reliable and fast bike which goes over the long distance.
Which bike do you ride?


14 responses to “Steel bikes: Wilier Strada

  1. Nice! From the set-up I’m guessing you have a similar body geometry to myself – long legs, short torso? I always have to fit a short stem to keep me comfortable, which is annoying as it isn’t the best set-up for racing. Nice blog 😊

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  2. I ride a Specialized Venge 56 (Carbon 105), a Trek 5200 58 cm (Carbon Ultegra) and a Co-Motion Tandem (Steel 105, Mech Disc)… For Mountain biking I’ve got a Rockhopper (Aluminum Hyd. Disc). The steel tandem is nice and rides well but I’d never trade my Venge (and seven pounds or 3-ish kg) for a steel bike.

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  3. My bike is a Trek 520 touring bike 13 kg. Nope, not for racing. My main focus is long multi-day rides. Hope to bike 6700 km next summer from Vancouver on the Pacific coast to Halifax on the Atlantic coast. Looking forward to 10 weeks in the saddle to take in 9 of the 10 provinces of Canada (plus to US states to make up for skipping the province of Newfoundland).

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  4. I don’t! It’s at the bike doctor’s for repair. I’m nervously pacing the floor waiting for the prognosis (and cost) but hope to be back in the saddle (of my Boardman cyclocross) in a day or two 🙂 (a brake issue so nothing important)

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  5. My stable has:
    A blue one for going long distances
    A black one for going short distances quickly
    A cream one for going round and round
    A sliver one for going up and down
    A red one with an extra wheel for 1/3 more fun
    and hopefully soon a brown one made by me.

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