Steel bikes: Genesis Equilibrium

Again a budget steel bike. You either choose the color or groupset by yourself. I like the red version, especially with this classic tanwall tyres. 
From a geometric point of view, I think this bike is more on the endurance side. Decently long chainstays and a long top tube in relation to the seattube predestine it for that kind of effort.

What I like about this bike is the forkbend. It also seems like the handlebars doesn’t have that much drop, should be perfect for endurance riders. And what’s killer is, that this bike weighs less than 10kg. For a steel bike in this price range of 1.000£ a really good point.

How much money did you spend on your last bike?


11 responses to “Steel bikes: Genesis Equilibrium

  1. LOL! Actually my last bike is steel, a tandem, and I’ve got about $4,000 into it. I’ve got $5,000 into my Venge and we won’t even get into my other bikes. Every penny I spent on cycling was worth it though. Last I checked, doctors bills and medication for diabetes and high blood pressure can eat that much money in a year and I’ll get 20 years out of my bikes!

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  2. I have one of these as my commuting / winter bike. Agree with your write-up, it’s well set up as an endurance-type bike, and handles the terrible road surfaces in and around London well – comfortable for decent long rides, and not slow either.

    Despite the sub-10kg weight, there is actually a fair bit of scope to cut the weight further with a pair of slightly lighter wheels (the originals are not the best thing about the bike) – I’ve knocked off another 400g or so with the original pair from my other bike.

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  3. I spent £1000 on my current bike, a Wilier Triestina alloy, which at the time seemed like all the money you could ever want to spend on a bike, but my perception has shifted over the years: now looking at Orbea carbon models at £2000+

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  4. I ‘appropriated’ my husband’s steel Masi. But I did put money into new chorus groupset and Terry saddle. Plus the rims I took off of the carbon bike that I don’t ride anymore (prefer steel or aluminum). So I’m probably into it for about $1500 or so. LOVE that bike.

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  5. Sweet looking ride. My last bike is a 2014 Scott carbon frame road bike size XS. I paid $600 for it off Gumtree (like Craigslist in Australia) earlier this year. I love it. My two previous bike purchases (which I still have) are a $1,500 Vivente World Randonneur steel frame touring bike and a $2,500 Specialized Fatboy. All have their purposes. Right now I mostly ride the Scott. But I’ll go through phases.

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