The 5-Day-Run-Pattern for Cyclists

I recently strarted a test of how much running I need to train at least, to get improvements in my half marathon time. 

The test started seven weeks ago with a half marathon after a two months period of no training. Neither cycling nor running. With one week of training in the bank again – 4 cycling sessions, 1 running session – I finished this half marathon in 1:47:05. Which equated to a pace of 5:05 min a Kilometer or 8:11 per mile. 

I decided to try a 5 day pattern for running. Which meant that I had to get out at least every fifth day to do a run. I know, that consistency is key and five days looked like a reasonable amount to not interrupt my cycling training too much. Plus, if you’re a cyclist, already training more than six hours a week, you only have to train your specific running muscular system. Your cardiovascular system should already be at a top level game. Which meant this target for me: Not more than one day of muscle soreness after a long run. 

So I did this alernating running sessions:

  • 6 Km or 3 miles easy
  • a long run ranging between 10 to 17 Km or 6.5 to 10.5 miles
  • and 6 Km (3 m) tempo runs right over my anticipated half marathon race pace – threshold pace

My cycling training wasn’t reduced very much. I still rode 200Km on average per week with long rides and ftp-sessions.

After this six weeks, I ran a half marathon again. Finishing time now was: 1:38:52. This again equates to a pace of 04:41 per Km or 7:33 per mile. 

I have to admit, that I was sore for almost five days after the first half marathon. Now, after the second one, I was only sore two days. So there is defenitely an improvement. This 5-day-run-pattern seems to work. 😉

How do you sprinkle in running into your cycling training?


12 responses to “The 5-Day-Run-Pattern for Cyclists

  1. Lovely! My pattern for the last 5 months has been quite similar too. Been cycling up to 30 kms and running 5kms on the treadmill. My fitness and endurance has improved drastically. But, the food diet matters. I have blogged about my breakfast pattern too if you’re interested to read.

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  2. Man, this article really inspired me to get back on my cardio! Also, thanks for the love on my blog!

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  3. Reblogged this on uphill adventure and commented:
    This is akin to what I’m trying to do, but adding swimming in too! I’m glad that this can be done and I think the consistency point is a good one.

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