Review: Aqua2Go – I Love Bike Washing

First of all, we all know, that bike washing is necessary. Not only that it makes your bike last longer, a clean drivetrain also makes you faster.
I read an article recently, that a clean chain can save you almost 20 Watt, assuming, that you usually ride a really dirty chain.

And, what I didn’t know, until I found this proper cleaning method, I used to ride a really filthy chain. Let me be clear, I religiously washed my bike every week, but I just didn’t get it clean with the “two-warm-water-bucket-method”. Meaning: Cleaning with a sponge in the cellar. Only dirt soked up by the sponge went away, nothing else. And washing my bike in the bathroom of our appartement was no option either.

Finally, a few month ago, I bought this “Aqua2Go“. For people, living in a house in the suburbs, this isn’t something special. Basically it’s a portable water hose. But that’s killer, for riders living in an appartement in the city. Because, now we can “wash away” the dirt in front of our door.

So, what do I love about the Aqua2Go?

  • It’s portable. I can store it “ready to go” in the cellar and easily bring it in front of the house.
  • Water capacity is enough for almost 5 complete 5-Minute bike washes
  • It’s not a jet-washer. The pressure is just strong enough to get your bike clean. So, no danger for your bearings.

And what I don’t like:

  • The battery doesn’t hold the charge too long. I found, that I have to, at least, charge this thing every two weeks, to be sure, that it is always in this “ready2go” state.

But that’s not a real problem, since I now do clean my bike more regularly. It became something of a habit. At least once a week, no matter if my bike looks shiny or filthy, I do a 5-Minute-Bike-Wash after a ride. I bring my Aqua2go in front of the house, splash my bike in water, spray it with soap, a few rubs with a sponge on the frame, a scrub with a brush on the cassette and then wash away the dirt with the Aqua2Go hose.

How do you clean your bike?


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