Update on my Minimalist Endurance Training

Minimalist Cycling

Endurance Training on only three hours a week? Can this work?

Well, I tried and have to say: It depends.

The good news:

Yes, I was able to hold my FTP on that minimal time invest. Which is a good thing to know, if a time arises, where I don’t have enough time for cycling or endurance training in general. The emphasizing here lies on the word “hold”. I wasn’t able to get my ftp higher or to increase my endurance. But that doesn’t have to be a bad point.

For example, if you’re already a fast rider and your focus is healthy living and social rides with friends, this would be more than enough training to line up with your goals. Especially if you’re already faster than your friends. Let’s be honest, it’s way more fun, if there’s a little competion around the corner on the same level as you are than no challenge at all.

The bad news:

If you love cycling, minimal training is not the way to go. And that was my problem. I’m used to be on the bike almost every day. I want to start my day with an easy workout to get the motor running. The first thing I want to do in the morning, should be a thing, I do for myself, my body, my mind … for my personal evolving. I love to push the pedals and get my mind drifting, almost like you do in meditation.

I recognized a few positive effects of a morning workout:

  • Fasted training increases my endurance
  • Immediately after a session, I make more concious food choices
  • I’m happier throughout the day, since I already did “something” for myself
  • I’m more focussed at work
  • and also more stress resistant
  • Plus, I sleep better with more Zone 1/2 training.

So my training is getting back to normal on approximately seven to ten hours a week with a long ride on the weekend. It’s just more fun.

Did you already try a minimal training plan?


11 responses to “Update on my Minimalist Endurance Training

  1. I’m doing sweet spot base training on TrainerRoad. It’s 3.5 hours a week. How many hours count as a minimal training plan? If you want to spend less time, you should get a trainer because you don’t have to coast.

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  2. I think any training is very dependent upon ones physiology. In general most any specific plan will work to a certain degree on many riders, but after a certain level, there will be little to no additional gains.

    So, whatever plan works for the individual rider is the best training plan. Some respond better to certain types of training than others. Age, flexibility, diet tolerances, lifestyle, body limitations and history of injuries are key factors in what may work what doesn’t. Glad this one works for you bud!

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  3. Another idea is to do VO2 max and anaerobic intervals while commuting. They’re shorter than threshold intervals so there’s less concerns about stopping. You might need a power meter to quickly reach your target zones.

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