3 Reasons I Zwift this Winter

Zwift The Bike Escape

Everybody seems to get in this game over the winter months. It took me a while to get playin, but that’s mostly because I didn’t have an internet connection in my basement storage room, five levels under my appartement. I solved this problem with a D-LAN connection. Means my internet is now going through the power supply lines in the house πŸ™‚

Anyway, since July I’m zwifting and … wait for it … I’m hooked. And here are the three reasons, why this is:

1. Time Management:

Usually, when I’m commuting to work by bike, I have to plan in two hours of the day, plus showering. On most of the days, there’s no time or logical way to get to an evenening event. But – while I’m typing – this lines my mind says: “There’s always a way!” πŸ™‚ So let me say it this way: Time Mangement is easier. Now I do 45 minutes in the morning and two races a week instead of two hours a day.

2. Specific Training:

Again imagine my two hour commute. One hour in the morning, one in the evening, at least four days a week plus the occasional weekend ride. This means griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinding out the mileage. Holding a steady pace, hold enough energy in the body for the rest of the week, don’t get on the absolute maximum. Right now I’m doing shorter sessions, but I almost have a higher Training Stress Score than on my high mileage weeks. I can work right on the spot of my weaknesses – sprinting ^^

3. Racing:

I’m a competitive guy, but I’m not that guy, taking an unnatural high risk, just to stand on a podium. My competition is my own fitness level. The first and foremost target is to stay fit and get out of my comfort zones. And this is where Zwift racing comes in handy. There’s not much injury risk. You don’t do high paced sharp turns only millimeters away from an opponent. On Zwift racing you can truly explore the boundaries of your body and mind. I did never understand Jens Voigts “shut up legs” statment until I raced on Zwift. Heart Rate almost on 200 bpm, pushing out 450 watts, my brain is telling my legs to move. Honestly out on the streets I slow down if this happens, since there’s traffic and other dangers … but in Zwift: I push harder. No danger πŸ™‚

Why do you zwift?


13 responses to “3 Reasons I Zwift this Winter

  1. Zwift is a clever idea but I just hate indoor training with a passion. I bought a CX bike recently so that I can go and ride offroad on icy days. I’m going to sell my indoor trainer.

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  2. I love it because it’s so immersive, I can actually forget I’m on the trainer at times and the workouts fly by so much quicker. Plus I can get in a solid hour’s training much easier than if I were to head out on the road in the dark or cold or wet or late after work.

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  3. Started zwifting to help me rehabilitate a calf injury and it is now a fixed part of my training, sandwiched in between am and pm runs! I think it’s definitely helping to accelerate my cardiovascular improvement as well as weight loss, plus I like being able to hop on and do a workout any time of day. I know it’s a completely different experience to getting outside and experiencing the world but as a training aid for me I think it’s going to invaluable!

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  4. I finally set up Zwift so that it doesn’t crash my computer! I like it because the freezing temperatures, short days, and icy winds keep me from riding outside from December to March. With my first century of 2018 in May, I can begin training for longer rides earlier.

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