3 things I love about cycling

1. Adventure

Whenever I plan a new route, I look up google maps for interesting places. Like: Oh, there’s a castle, maybe I ride along there and back.”Β Or I can go on a challenge and ride up big mountains to admire the view. Or I just ride and visit my family for a coffee. There are a lot of possibilities – even a 500Km route across the alps. You can create this “simply get out of your life”-feeling when you are far away from home. I can’t do that in a lot of other sports without a motor.

2. Efficiency

Riding my bike is a thing, which integrated perfectly into my life. Because I can ride 25km to and from work in rush hour at the same time it takes with the car. When I’m back home then, I already did two hours of cycling that day and can relax. Additionally it creates this “Yeahhh I tricked you all in your superfast cars”-feeling. I can’t do that with running. Although I heard of people who did that πŸ™‚ (www.theruncommuter.com)

3. Smoothness

I know, I can ride a bike so hard, that it hurt’s. But I also know, that I can do a relaxed two hour ride, where I only hear the sound of my rolling tires on the tarmac and ocassionally the click of a gear change. (Must say, I hate freewheeling sounds πŸ™‚ ) Sometimes I can even feel the cooling breeze on the way down a hill. It’s like meditation. There are no stomping footsteps or shaking bodyparts.

Let me be clear: I also like other sports like running, swimming and hiking. But I love cycling πŸ™‚

What is your favourite part about riding a bike?


16 responses to “3 things I love about cycling

  1. Loud freewheels are like loud pipes on motorcycles… They help others around you know you’re there and what you’re doing. Loud freewheels save lives. Those of us who ride in large packs appreciate them intensely. πŸ˜†

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  2. I just treated myself to a new bike, a mary poppins bike, basket on the front. I love the fact I can pack a picnic in the basket and take my boy out for the day. We can go further than if we were on foot and the effort of carrying the picnic is banished. We have ended up in some fab spots and hope to discover some more this summer. We all get exercise without really noticing it. Win win xxx

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  3. A warm sunny day and a coast road with minimal wind. Can Picafort to Cap Formentor on Mallorca or Torre del Mar to SalobreΓ±a in Andalucia. Neither are that challenging, although Cap Formentor can be after a night of sangria.

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  4. Adventure is one of the main draws for me (and that feeling of freedom). But reading your post I’ve just realised I have been riding the same roads recently whenever I go out, so I’m going to make a conscious effort next time to pick a new hill or just go out the door without a destination in mind. Thanks for the inspiration

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  5. My favourite part of riding a bike is the feeling of ‘freedom’ it gives. Each time I get on my bike, and pedal away, I smile, because it is absolute joy.

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  6. One of my favourite things is how peaceful it can be, especially if you ride in the evening. You get to see a lot of sunsets, and at the same time are often spending time with just your bike and nature.

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  7. I like this article a lot. I love the freedom and bikes are just awesome to have. They make life more fun and energy efficient. Do you get to ride your bike to work?

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